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Radius is a leading manufacturer of coil making machines and has a range of machinery that it can offer for manufacturing of electrical coils, bars for generators and motors. The company offers coil looping machines, coil spreading/forming machines, coil straightening, cutting and buffing machines, coil moulding/ curing press and coil taping machines.

Spreading Machine / Forming machine / Coil Pull out Machine:

Radius has developed coil spreading machines in both hydraulic and pneumatic variants for coil loops ranging from 500mm to 3000mm and for coil section of maximum upto 20x60mm. The machines offers easy interface through HMI and PLC. The setting of machine as per coil data is made easy with reference scales. Excellent fixturing for knuckle holders ensure firm clamping and easy removal of coil.

Stator Coil Moulding/ curing Press:

Radius has in its stable PLC controlled coil curing press which come in variants of 4 to 16 heads and of coil lengths of up to 6000mm with maximum coil sections 40mmx 125mm.The coil press can exert maximum vertical force of upto 8T and maximum horizontal force of upto 15Tand with excellent user interface and process monitoring and control capabilities.

Radius offers coil taping machines in different variants like travelling head, suspended model, fixed bench type model etc based on the application and requirement. Machine can also be offered with six axis CNC with simultaneous interpolation and can handle programming of different geometries and can tape half coils, wave coils and diamond coils. Machine will give uniform layer of tape in both the directions .Straight bar lengths of maximum up to 5metres and cross section maximum 60mmx100mm and minimum 50mmx20mm can be pressed. The taping machines can accommodate 2 nos of tape spools. Stopping, starting, speed, overlap and the number of passes can all be programmed through user friendly HMI interface making the machine completely automatic.

Coil cutting , buffing and straightening Machines:

Radius offers CNC machine designed to remove insulation from copper conductor and to cut to preset length and straighten the conductor. The straightening unit draws the conductor from the drum and then buffing unit removes the insulation. The machine can handle Copper conductor size maximum from 4x1mm to 18x4mm.

Coil Loop Winding Machine:

Radius offer coil looping machines for maximum torque of 6000Nm and speed range 10 rpm and can handle loop lengths ranging from 350mm to 3000mm and can loop conductor widths from 3mm to 50mm. Digital turns counter and variable speed geared motor for spindle offers high torque and soft start.


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