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Company Profile

Company Profile:

Radius Engineering Solutions Private Limited was promoted in the year 2006 and a specialist and leading manufacturer of deep hole drilling machines, gun drilling machines, pellet die gun drilling machines, stator coil making machines like coil curing/moulding press, coil looping machines, coil spreading machines, coil taping machines, coil straightening, cutting and buffing machines. Radius offers job work/subcontract for gun drilling in their job shops located in Bangalore and Delhi.

Company Infrastructure:

Radius Engineering Solutions Private Limited has an infrastructure comprising of 3 units and has highly skilled manpower of around 30 members and has able technocrats as its directors.

The Company has its head office and unit1 and gun drilling job shop near Peenya Industrial Area.
The company has 7000 square feet facility in Bidadi industrial unit where machines are built.
The company has another gun drilling jobwork shop in Delhi.

  • Excellent vendor base with best in quality precision manufacturing and fabrication facilities.
  • Excellent trained engineers and highly skilled technicians and strong design engineering team for product innovation and development.
  • The company is ISO certified company with strict adherence to quality procedures and systems.

Company Vision:

To be a market leader in providing cost effective and simplified solutions in the area of SPM’s maintaining high quality standards and delight the customer in quality, cost and delivery.

Company Mission:

We offer turnkey solutions to our customers through interdisciplinary and integrated approach with blended skills and thorough know how in mechanical, electrical, application & design areas. Radius provides design conceptualization, preparation of detailed design and layout, integration and assembly, application and commissioning support.

In machining, the focus will continue to be on components used in semi-sophisticated equipment where a possibility exists to pursue the next level of integration by assembling components or prepare part kits for assisted assembly. Focusing on this product-component relationship will facilitate the company’s ability to pursue the vertical integration of the business and pass on the value-added savings to our customers.

The company intends to partner with key clients and provides sales, service and spare part support for their products ( High End products which are service and application intensive) and secure and sustain such contracts.

The company is keen to identify niche areas where there are no indigenous machines and develop state of art special machines.

Company Products and Services:

Gundrilling / Deep Hole Drilling Machines :

Radius Engineering Solutions Private Limited established in 2006 is a specialist and a leading manufacturer in CNC deep hole drilling / gundrilling machines. These machines come in various single spindle and multi spindle configurations. These machines offer excellent surface finish and gives excellent straightness and roundness.

Coil Making Machines:

Radius is a leading manufacturer of coil making machines and has a range of machinery that it can offer for manufacturing of electrical coils, bars for generators and motors. The company offers coil looping machines, coil spreading/forming machines, coil straightening, cutting and buffing machines, coil moulding/ curing press and coil taping machines.

Spreading Machine / Forming machine / Coil Pull out Machine:

Radius has developed coil spreading machines in both hydraulic and pneumatic variants for coil loops ranging from 500mm to 3000mm and for coil section of maximum upto 20x60mm. The machines offers easy interface through HMI and PLC. The setting of machine as per coil data is made easy with reference scales. Excellent fixturing for knuckle holders ensure firm clamping and easy removal of coil.

Stator Coil Moulding/ curing Press:

Radius has in its stable PLC controlled coil curing press which come in variants of 4 to 16 heads and of coil lengths of up to 6000mm with maximum coil sections 40mmx 125mm.The coil press can exert maximum vertical force of upto 8T and maximum horizontal force of upto 15Tand with excellent user interface and process monitoring and control capabilities.

Coil Taping Machines:

Radius offers coil taping machines in different variants like travelling head, suspended model, fixed bench type model etc based on the application and requirement. Machine can also be offered with six axis CNC with simultaneous interpolation and can handle programming of different geometries and can tape half coils, wave coils and diamond coils. Machine will give uniform layer of tape in both the directions .Straight bar lengths of maximum up to 5metres and cross section maximum 60mmx100mm and minimum 50mmx20mm can be pressed. The taping machines can accommodate 2 nos of tape spools. Stopping, starting, speed, overlap and the number of passes can all be programmed through user friendly HMI interface making the machine completely automatic.

Coil cutting , buffing and straightening Machines:

Radius offers CNC machine designed to remove insulation from copper conductor and to cut to preset length and straighten the conductor. The straightening unit draws the conductor from the drum and then buffing unit removes the insulation. The machine can handle Copper conductor size maximum from 4x1mm to 18x4mm.

Coil Loop Winding Machine:

Radius offer coil looping machines for maximum torque of 6000Nm and speed range 10 rpm and can handle loop lengths ranging from 350mm to 3000mm and can loop conductor widths from 3mm to 50mm. Digital turns counter and variable speed geared motor for spindle offers high torque and soft start.

Pellet die gundrilling machines:

Radius has developed special purpose CNC gundrilling for manufacturing pellet extruding dies. The machine can drill diameter in the range of 2.5mm to 12mm and drill depths of upto 100mm.These machines can be used for dies diameter ranging from 500mm outer diameter to 1000mm diameter. These machines is manufactured in variants of 4 to 8 spindles and drills upto 15000 holes in a single workpiece for pellet die industry.

Gundrilling Jobwork and Subcontract:

Radius has a full fledged job shop with multispindle gundrilling machines, micro gundrilling machines and universal 3 axis CNC gundrilling machines. The job shop is located in Bangalore and Delhi. The machines can handle drilling from diameter 4mm to diameter 30mm and lengths of 2000mm for a variety of components like fixture plate, die and molds, shafts with PCD hole drilling .Also, the machines can handle small diameters from 1mm to 3 mm for lengths of upto 200mm. This microgundrilling machine also has counter rotation spindles for getting better straightness.