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Pellet Gun Drilling Machines



Pellet Die Gundrilling Machines:

Pellet Gundrilling Machines

Radius has developed special purpose CNC gundrilling for manufacturing pellet extruding dies. The machine can drill diameter in the range of 2.5mm to 12mm and drill depths of upto 100mm.These machines can be used for dies diameter ranging from 500mm outer diameter to 1000mm diameter. These machines is manufactured in variants of 4 to 8 spindles and drills upto 15000 holes in a single workpiece for pellet die industry.

Pellet die countersinking and Chamfering machines:

The chamfer on the holes of the die on the inner side of the die where the gundrill exits is done in this machine. The machine comes in 3 axis configuration and in one spindle configuration and can handle dies diameter ranging from 500mm to 1000mm.


Pellet Die Gundrilling Machines Catalogue